Walking: on foot, on horseback or by bike



There are many activities available to you if you want to exercise or just stroll along the paths of the Gers.

400 m from the Calabel estate, you can join the path to Santiago de Compostela , which offers well-marked and maintained paths.

Pilgrim's guide : https://www.tourisme-mirande-astarac.com/fr/pratique/documents/OT-GUIDE-DU-PELERIN-2021-web.pdf

There are also short hikes and nearly 30 bicycle or electrically assisted bicycle circuits . And to finish the Adour Trail, a 93 km route through Cœur Sud-Ouest Tourisme linking Tarbes to Aire sur Adour.

You can download the many trails on the Cirkwi application or on the tourist office websites:

- Heart of Tourism: https://www.coeursudouest-tourisme.com/preparer-mon-sejour/randonnee/a-pied-a-velo-ou-a-cheval/?mb_anchorpage=2&mb_minnumpage=1&mb_maxnumpage=2

- Mirande: https://www.tourisme-mirande-astarac.com/fr/bouger/randonnees-gers.php